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Treatment For Panic Attacks

Psychologists and Psychiatrists in Boca Raton and Boynton Beach, Florida.

Treatment for Panic Attacks is possible and effective but it takes time. Most patients suffering from weekly or even daily panic attacks are looking for a way to fix themselves so that they can feel better as soon as possible which is understandable.


Unfortunately, when it comes to acute episodes of anxiety there is no quick fix. Often what works is a combination of thinking and behavioral changes over a course of time that you will learn in therapy. Sometimes medication management (usually with an anti-depressant designed specifically for panic) is also helpful to stop the cycle of anxiety and panic. But this is not always the case. 

panic attack treatment

Workbook work (CBT), mindfulness strategies and coming into therapy, as well as sitting on the couch to dig through the recesses of your mind where many of us get “stuck” is what will work.  The panic attack is our body letting us know that we aren’t getting what we really need and that changes must to be made.

It’s actually not rocket science or even that complicated. Human beings need structure, stimulation, support and purpose in order to be healthy in mind and body. Our society in today’s day and age does not offer that readily. It must be farmed and produced the same way we farm and produce food. Daily panic attacks may be a reminder that your being is not getting what it really needs.

We also have licensed psychiatrists on staff that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of common conditions in such as ADD/ADHD, depression and anxiety. Schedule an appointment by clicking here or by calling us at:

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