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Frequently Asked Questions from patients of MorMindful

What services do you offer at MorMindful Therapy & Psychiatry?

At MorMindful Therapy & Psychiatry, we offer a wide range of mental health services, including individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, medication management, and psychiatric evaluations. We specialize in treating various mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, and substance abuse issues.

How can I schedule an appointment?

Scheduling an appointment is easy! You can either call our offices directly [Broward County: (954) 889-7929 Palm Beach County: (561) 460-1885] or use our online appointment booking system. If you're interested in our online therapy solutions, you can also schedule virtual sessions that we provide on a secure and confidential telehealth platform.

Can I get help if I don't live in South Florida?

Absolutely! Our online therapy solutions are available to all Florida residents, regardless of their location within the state. We aim to make high-quality mental health care accessible to every Floridian.

How do I know if I need a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or both?

Determining whether you need a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or both depends on your specific needs and concerns. Psychologists are trained in providing talk therapy and counseling to help individuals cope with emotional and behavioral challenges, manage stress, and improve mental well-being. If you're experiencing difficulties with relationships, anxiety, depression, trauma, or personal growth, a psychologist can be a valuable resource.


On the other hand, a psychiatrist is a medical doctor specialized in mental health. They can diagnose and treat mental health conditions, prescribe medication, and provide therapy if they have additional training in psychotherapy. If you suspect you may have a specific mental health disorder that requires medication, a psychiatrist may be the right choice.

In some cases, a combination of both psychology and psychiatry services may be beneficial. For example, if you are receiving therapy from a psychologist but require medication management for a diagnosed mental health condition, collaborating with a psychiatrist can provide comprehensive care.

At MorMindful Therapy & Psychiatry, we have a team of experienced psychologists and psychiatrists who work collaboratively to provide integrated and personalized care. During your initial assessment, our professionals will evaluate your needs and recommend the most suitable treatment approach, whether it involves therapy, medication, or a combination of both. We are here to support you on your journey to mental well-being and will ensure you receive the right care to address your unique circumstances.

How are your rates compared to other providers?

Our rates are comparable to other Ph.D. and Psy.D.  level psychologists who offer expert services in a specialty area. Most people find our rates to be a great value compared to less experienced mental health practitioners. Given our use of evidence-based treatment methods (meaning interventions stand up to statistical data) many patients experience improvements much more quickly compared to working with less experienced providers from unaccredited programs that result in a masters or doctorate but no actual training in clinical psychology. Rightly so, most patients find the cost of treatment reasonable and cost-effective because they are looking for a specialist. 

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Yes, for those who qualify we offer a sliding scale fee at a reduced rate to try to make our services more affordable for everyone. If you feel you meet the criteria for financial hardship, let us know and we can talk about our reduced rate bundles

Do you work with people without substance abuse issues?

Yes! We have licensed clinical psychologists and psychiatrists on staff.

We have expertise in treating symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and panic disorder. You do not have to have a dual-diagnosis or any drug/alcohol abuse issues whatsoever for us to take you on as a new patient.

Also, family members and loved ones of people suffering from the symptoms of substance abuse or alcoholism often benefit from meeting with us in order to gather information, collect their thoughts and come up with an appropriate plan of action to help their loved one in the throes of drug/alcohol dependency.

How long does each therapy session usually take?

This is entirely up to you. We offer 25, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions depending on what your individual needs are based on your treatment plan, which we will develop together during your first few sessions.

Why should you choose MorMindful?

In addition to our providers' extensive training and background in depression, anxiety, drug/alcohol dependency and relationships, a unique aspect of our practice is the personal one-on-one attention provided. We take an individualized approach to therapy, adapting evidence-based strategies specifically tailored to you.


We also work closely with patients to help them manage day-to-day life outside of the therapy setting. For example, over the years patients often complain that they spent months or even years with therapists who "didn't really do anything" or that the sessions just felt like "talking to a friend." We look at the therapy process as a time for the patient and doctor to collaborate in making a realistic treatment plan. Your plan will include clinical aspects such as how to reduce symptoms of depression or cravings to drink too much alcohol. But it will also include time for DIRECT FEEDBACK, in which your provider will tell you what they really think and what their recommendation is to help you proceed in the best way possible.


You will not leave our sessions wondering what was accomplished or how to measure if you are getting better. Yes its long-term process, of which you are in charge and know whats going on every step of the way. 

How long does treatment take?

That depends on you and what you want. Each session is 45 minutes but longer sessions are available. Although treatment results cannot be guaranteed, most patients who work hard in therapy, for example, talking openly, reflecting and doing homework assignments see clinically significant improvement in 6-12 sessions.


Sessions are goal-oriented and your treatment plan will be designed individually to help you achieve the best results in the shortest time period with longevity of symptoms relief always a priority. However, the length of treatment will be flexible based on the pace that is comfortable for each individual patient. Once progress is achieved, many patients elect to continue treatment on a less frequent basis to check-in and ensure that gains are maintained. 

Why don't you take insurance?

Many psychologists at the doctoral level of training struggle with the fact that health insurance companies do not provide adequate compensation for the services provided. By not working directly with insurance companies, treatment planning is determined based on clinical recommendations and patient preferences, rather than managed care agencies who often pressure psychologists to regurgitate generic and damaging diagnosis as well as cute treatment short.  Also, many patients choose not to submit to insurance anyway in order to maintain confidentiality. Fortunately, because we do not spend endless hours dealing directly with insurance companies, we are able to focus more on patient care. 

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