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Private Counseling From Licensed Psychologists in Boca Raton, Florida.

Individual Therapy, Online Therapy, DBT, CBT, Family Therapy, Mindfulness, Anxiety Counseling in Palm Beach County.

Individual Therapy

One on One


Blair Mor is a doctoral level therapist who specializes in anxiety, stress, depression, bipolar disorder and everyday problems. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an individual process sculpted by a clinically proven effective treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. Dr. Mor’s sessions are goal directed and entail more than just talking about your week and how you feel. It’s about using examples from the content of each session to help promote change by identifying automatic negative thought patterns and challenging them in a helpful way.

Our Boca Raton Mental Healthcare Providers

Psychologists, Psychiatrists & Counselors in Boca Raton, FL

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Blair Mor, PsyD

Specializes in:



Substance abuse


✅Currently Accepting New Patients

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Katrina Verdon, PsyD

✅Currently Accepting New Patients

dr lindsay

Lindsay Cooke, LMHC

✅Currently Accepting New Patients

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Andrew S. Kaplan, LMFT, MHC, CCTP, CBT-I

✅Currently Accepting New Patients

Dr_ Mouvielle Caro psychiatrist boca raton copy.png

Mouvielle Caro, MD

✅Currently Accepting New Patients

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Robert Homer, MD

✅Currently Accepting New Patients

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