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ADHD Evaluations, Testing & Assessments

Diagnosing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

You’re always misplacing your wallet and keys, you feel as if your ‘to-do’ list at work is piling up but nothing is getting accomplished, or maybe you’ve have had a family member say “I think you might have ADHD.” Whatever your reason may be, getting a proper diagnosis of Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the first step of receiving treatment. Having a correct diagnosis is important to gain control over your symptoms that create chaos in your life, personally and professionally.

Most adults diagnosed with ADHD fall into the inattentive category; with some symptoms including, but not limited to: making careless mistakes, difficulty sustaining attention, poor listening, and struggling to follow through with instructions. Some adults present with a hyperactive-impulsive presentation, which includes some symptoms such as, feeling extremely restless, difficulty engaging in activities quietly, talking excessively, and interrupts or intrudes upon others.

At MorMindful Therapy & Psychiatry of Boca Raton, we can assess adults with possible symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by completing a comprehensive evaluation. This is necessary to establish a diagnosis, rule out other causes, and determine the presence or absence of co-existing conditions. When we meet with you, or your family member, we will conduct an evaluation which takes about an hour. During an evaluation we will discuss the history/background of the patient, and complete a clinical assessment of the individual’s academic, social, and emotional functioning and developmental level.


We will gather information from multiple sources, such as having you complete a few symptom checklists, and will ask you to share with your doctor a detailed history of the your past and current functioning. We may obtain information from your family members or significant others who know you well. We cannot diagnose ADHD accurately just from brief office observations or just by talking to you; you may not always exhibit the symptoms during one short visit.

If you feel that you or a family member has been experiencing symptoms of ADHD, such as poor planning, problems focusing on daily tasks, having a low frustration tolerance, or poor time management skills, we are here to help. You can seek medication management and/or psychotherapy for your diagnosis of ADHD and any mental health conditions here at MorMindful Therapy and Psychiatry in Boca Raton, Florida.

Please be advised:

In accordance with new DEA regulations, we cannot offer initial online appointments for stimulants. This means that if you are a new patient looking for an online appointment to get Adderall or any other stimulant, you must come into the office for an in-person visit.

Meet our team of highly skilled and compassionate ADHD specialists.

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Katrina Verdon, PsyD

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Do you think you or a family member may be suffering from undiagnosed ADHD?

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