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Blair Mor, Psy.D.

Provider Profile


  • 18+ years working in the mental health field.

  • Completed post doctoral training at the Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Offices in Tampa.

  • Utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques.

Hello! My name is Dr. Blair Mor. I am a licensed clinical psychologist located in Boca Raton, Florida, specializing in depression, substance abuse, anxiety and mindfulness. Individualized one-on-one therapy with a doctor of psychology and expert therapist in substance abuse and mental health is the best move you can make to start feeling better now. I use clinically recognized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to teach you how to modify your thoughts and behavior to bring about positive change in your life. Transforming harmful thinking patterns is the key to morphing perception into a healthy and healing attitude.

I have over 15 years of experience helping people with compassion and direct feedback. A native to Boca Raton, I graduated from Florida State University (Magna Cum Laude & Phi Beta Kappa) and Nova Southeastern University with honors in clinical psychology. After completing my clinical residency at the New Jersey Veterans Affairs Hospital, I accepted postdoctoral training in Tampa, Florida at a non-profit mental health and drug court treatment facility.

Shortly after I spent two years living in Israel and teaching at Tel Aviv University as a professor of psychology. Now I have returned to my home town of beautiful Boca Raton to practice Psychology and continue working in the community I know and love. It’s good to be home!

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$250.00 per session

$200.00 bundle appointments

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Qualifications & Experience


Graduated from Florida State University and Nova Southeastern University in Clinical Psychology. 

Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude  (2009)

Completed doctoral intership at the New Jersey Veterans Affairs in substance abuse, depression and anxiety (2009)

Completed post doctoral training at Drug Abuse Coordinating Offices in Tampa , Florida (2010)

Director of Cliical Services and co-founder Mormind Therapy & Psychiatry (2015)

Academic professor of psychology at Tel Aviv University (2011-2012)

Professor of Psychology at Tel Aviv University

Academic professor of psychology for the prestigious university in the metropolitan city in Israel. 

15+ Years Working in Mental Health

Trained in Florida crisis hotlines, psychiatric hospitals, VA teaching hospitals and drug court for over 10 years. Truly a specialist in the field.

Meeting Dr. Blair Mor was a true windfall.. She is professional yet affable and not pretentious.  I was able to really open up to her and I did not feel rushed nor did she seem like a clock-watcher. She is helping me find a true solution to my situation, and not just endless treatment.

Justin D.

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