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“I have spent almost my entire life in therapy, however I never felt a connection to them and therefore was never able to fully trust them. That was until I met Doctor Mor. She has changed my life. She is so loving and caring and always has an answer, suggestion, or professional opinion about whatever you may be dealing with. She has shown me a new outlook on life and I am finally beginning to embrace what I have always wanted. Happiness.


Doctor Blair Mor is more than just a therapist, she is a friend (without crossing any boundaries). I would suggest her to anyone who is looking to turn their life around, go see Dr. Mor. She is the best. I have seen over 50 therapists since I was 9 years old and I am now 29. Dr. Mor is the only one who had ever “gotten” me. I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t found her.”


“Love at first session! My experience with Dr Mor has been a very positive one for over three years. I have come to admire her personality, honesty, insight, and professionalism. She has been instrumental in coaching me through my daily struggles with depression, adhd, and substance abuse issues. I have gone from not being able to leave the house to hardly even being home in the last year. If it wasn’t for Dr Mor’s encouragement, insight, and support, I would not have had the courage and strength to be where I am today.”​


“I knew I hit rock bottom the day that I laid on my couch crying about how unhappy, broke and hopeless I was. I was mentally compiling my letter to my girlfriend with my apology and request to care for my animals – I just couldn’t go on – nor did I want to! I yelled out loud for my mind to stop – something in me made me call for help. My sister told me to call a therapist and see one immediately – that was how Dr. Mor and I met at 8:30 pm she was there for me. She listened compassionately while I cried through my loss of a 7 year relationship, a 17 year job and the death of my 17 year old dog – all within a month. I believe Dr. Mor met me on the worst night of my life. With her kind understanding manner she has helped me see that you can pull yourself up while allowing time to grieve your losses and push through to a happier more peaceful place. She expresses her thoughts to you as a friend would rather than a doctor giving you orders – she makes you feel comfortable while guiding you to see the reason you should move forward, correct what you can and say goodbye to what is not healthy for you. Dr. Blair Mor has seen me at my lowest and is helping me finally achieve my peaceful place on this earth.”


“Dr. Mor has been a tremendous help to me. She has given me the courage to stand up for myself when my family faults me for taking medication for bipolar or denies that I have a chemical imbalance. Dr. Mor is an excellent listener and allows me to share my deepest feelings and problems. When I leave our weekly session, I feel I can face the world again! Meeting with Dr. Mor is the highlight of my week.”


“Dr. Mor is clearly knowledgeable in her field. She made me feel comfortable and treated me without judgment. I appreciate how invested she made me feel in having me find peace during a difficult time. She’s young enough to make you feel she has a fresh perspective but old enough where it’s evident she’s a seasoned therapist.

Thank you, Dr. Mor”


Healthgrades Boca Raton Therapist

“Dr. Mor is extremely professional, and is able to help her patients overcome stress, anxiety, depression, etc. through a number of different methods. Because she takes an interest in her patients’ personal lives, she can work through a variety of situations (work, relationships, life in general) with her patients; I’ve met with her several times and can already see a difference in my overall outlook on life. I would recommend Dr. Mor to anyone looking to improve their mental health.”


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