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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Boca Raton and Boynton Beach, Florida.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a type of therapy we offer at Mormindful Therapy & Psychiatry. CBT involves specific interventions focused on changing thought patterns in order to improve overall mood and behavior. With the use of workbook and writing exercises and in each session the patient learns to identify automatic negative thoughts, label them, challenge them, examine the evidence and finally modify distorted thoughts to be more realistic and helpful.

Something that sets CBT aside from general talk therapy is that each session has specific information that is taught and goals in terms of change so that at the end of each session you will be able to identify specifically what was worked on and have a way to measure the progress. This strategy helps transform time spent in therapy to be goal oriented rather than tangential discussion without direction or purpose.

cognitive behavioral therapy CBT

Understanding The Process

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is NOT a treatment I do to you but a strategy I will train you in so that you can begin to help YOURSELF.  This combined with the healing process of telling your story and a safe nonjudgmental place to do so, you can start to start feeling better now. Emotional pain works a lot like physical pain. It is software in your system to help you know when something is causing harm in your life. It has a beginning, middle and end but it is crucial that you use your pain to help you navigate your life to safety and well being. All too often society teaches us to circumvent this system by denying that something is wrong.

The trick is to identify that you are in pain. Can you remember the last time you felt good? So many of us limp along for years, not realizing how tedious and painful every day has become slowly over a long period of time. Develop and practice healthy coping skills so that you can get through your suffering more quickly and carve out a path towards a stronger version of you. What are healthy coping skills? How do I identify when something or someone is hurting me? These are all things we will work on together.

Rediscover Yourself

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is my right-hand man when it comes to teaching people how to help themselves using strategies that encourage a more mindful and accepting way of life.  Problems like alcohol abuse, bipolar disorder and panic attacks are simply a specific set of symptoms that need to be managed better.  They do not describe who you are or how your life will turn out.  I teach how to stop blaming yourself or looking for a cure. Rather, perception is the most powerful tool we have as human beings when it comes to navigating life. Working daily to give up control and let in acceptance is how we improve mood and quality of life in a lasting way.  Do Not Wait to Start Feeling Better Now! Your goals are within reach. I am currently accepting new patients and look forward to hearing your story.

Specialist Expertise From Our Boynton Beach and Boca Raton Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Why go to a general therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist with a long laundry list of everything they claim they can treat? Research shows that when people do too many things at once, they do all of those things in a mediocre way. Choose a specialist who is specifically trained to help you and what you are going through by creating a treatment plan designed especially for you! I specialize in depression, anxiety and chemical dependence issues. I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to teach you how to modify your thinking patterns and alter your day-to-day routine. I will help you function and feel better naturally and in a lasting way.

We also have licensed psychiatrists on staff that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of common conditions in such as ADD/ADHD, depression and anxiety. Schedule an appointment by clicking here or by calling us at:

(561) 460-1885

Do you think you or a loved one may benefit from CBT?

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