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Back Again

To my beloved patients,

I wrote this poem in the depths of quarantine after not having written any pros whatsoever since I was a teenager. As the words bled onto the paper, I realized that in the midst of my own anguish, I have never felt closer to all of the courageous and beautiful people I have treated over the years.

Do not avoid or judge your suffering. We are built to sustain, survive and build on pain. Circumventing this inevitability will only cause more torment. For whatever is to come your way, take comfort knowing that loneliness, fear, anger and even agony is what shepherds us through this life giving the very sustenance we so badly need but often cannot find. Through mental and physical pain we find compassion, insight and wisdom. This life is but a hallway. I will someday see you on the other side and smile to see a familiar face.

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Blair Mor


I know this place by heart

Looming trees aside faded landscape

I know which steps to take

Side-by-side we walk in pace.

Its the familiar stumble

Fingers feel their way through each turn.

I won't ask direction.

Smoke and ash find capricious burn.

Stop and look for markers

Muscle memory will kick in

Every twisted declaration

Lead me there with coaxing spin

I'll be home tonight on schedule

Making space on guided trails

Come with me this one time

We can prance inside forgotten fails


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