Depression & Anxiety Therapy in Boca Raton, Florida

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At MorMindful we help those suffering from depression & anxiety.

Lindsay Cooke, LMHC

Lindsay Cooke, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor located in Boca Raton, Florida who offers affordable therapy for those suffering from anxiety and depression on a sliding scale.


She specializes in the treatment of anxiety and depression. Lindsay has worked in the mental health field for several years within various treatment programs for dependency and other mental health issues as well as community mental health settings.  


Lindsay specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, assisting the patient in developing insight and coping strategies to maintain long term growth.  Her approach is honest, collaborative and empathetic, helping you in exploring the deeper, underlying issues as well as developing healthy problem solving methods.  


She believes in empowering the patient to learn how to cope with everything that life throws at them head on.

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"Witnessing my patients transform into the person they were meant to be is truly an amazing process."
Dr. Adam Friedman

Dr. Adam Friedman has successfully worked alongside patients suffering from anxiety and depression for more than a decade. He has a strong psychoanalytic background, and has trained with the Southeast Florida Institute for Psychoanalytic Psychology. Dr. Friedman takes a psychodynamic approach to therapy, helping patients by using their past experiences to develop insights and new coping skills. He offers this comprehensive treatment to both adults and adolescents throughout South Florida.


Dr. Friedman understands how tough the fight with depression and anxiety can be and that everyone's experience is unique, which is why he takes a highly individualized approach to every patient's treatment.


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"I take a highly individualized approach to the treatment of anxiety and depression."

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