Eating Disorder Psychologist in Boca Raton, Florida

Dr. Adam Friedman treats patients suffering from a variety of eating disorders and related conditions.

Dr. Adam Friedman has extensive experience treating individuals with Eating Disorders in South Florida

Dr. Adam Friedman has successfully worked with the eating disorder and substance abuse populations over the past ten years. He was trained at The Renfrew Center, and completed his doctoral dissertation on Anorexia Nervosa and Self-Mutilation, which was subsequently edited for submission into a book that's been widely published. He has a strong psychoanalytic background, and has trained with the Southeast Florida Institute for Psychoanalytic Psychology.


Dr. Friedman was a finalist for the Max Hutt Award at Nova Southeastern University, where he graduated with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, given to the most promising psychoanalytic clinician of the year. Dr. Friedman is also featured in HBO’s award-winning documentary on eating disorder treatment, entitled, “Thin.” Dr. Friedman was trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy by Marsha Linehan's institute and currently co-directs DBT programs in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

"I will work hand in hand with you on your road to recovery."
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Eating Disorders 101


Let’s understand the stakes - eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder. The mortality rate for anorexia alone is 12 times higher than all causes of death among 15-24 year old females. That being said, getting proper treatment at the onset of an eating disorder is vital. Proper treatment involves a multidisciplinary team including a therapist, nutritionist, and psychiatrist, all with extensive eating disorder experience. 


The specific cause of an eating disorder can vary greatly from person to person, but it is rarely a simple issue of wanting to look a certain way or an issue about food itself. Eating disorder treatment involves looking at the underlying issues and treating the behaviors of the eating disorder (restricting or purging food, binge eating, over exercising) as a symptom rather than a disease. Often times the patient is expressing a certain feeling or feelings through the use of eating disordered behaviors. By getting to the root of the disorder and teaching healthy life skills to replace unhealthy behaviors we can truly put an end to the cycle. 

Why MorMindful?

MorMindful Psychology and psychiatry employs Adam Friedman, PhD, an expert in eating disorders. Dr Friedman did his training for 4 years at the Renfrew Center for eating disorders and was featured in the award winning HBO documentary “Thin”. He has since ran a successful practice specializing in eating disorders for the past 14 years. Dr Friedman and his team including nutritional therapy and psychiatry work together to get the patient and family to understand every step of the therapeutic process and focus on the goal of a healthy and happy eating disorder-free life. 

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