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Dr. Tom Bachar
Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr. Tom Bachar graduated Summa Cum Laude with her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida and went on to receive her Doctorate in
Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Bachar works with people who struggle with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, college-related concerns, sexuality,
intimacy/relationships, unresolved childhood issues, and identity. She is also very passionate about helping members of the LGBTQIA+ community, individuals who are multicultural or part of a minority group, and artists.


Dr. Bachar considers herself to be an inclusive, sex-positive, and psychodynamically-oriented therapist who applies treatment within an integrative approach that consists of other
therapeutic modalities that are best fit for the client. She draws from acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, experiential therapy, and the creative arts to tailor treatment for each individual’s personality and presenting concerns.


She tends to focus treatment on connecting clients’ past to their present through facilitating discussions about the client’s childhood and family structure. She finds that once clients better understand their past, they have clarity with their present and can act more intentionally to create the life that they desire. Her enthusiasm and activism for diverse and taboo topics drives her desire to create a safe space in her therapy relationships for ostracized individuals. Dr. Bachar’s naturally curious, empathic, and genuine personality encourages the transparency and trust necessary to create a safe and effective therapeutic environment.

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Dr. Bachar is fluent in English & Hebrew.
דוברת עברית

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Dr. Ross Callahan
Post-doctoral Fellow

Ross Callahan earned his Doctorate degree in clinical psychology from William James College. His clinical experience is with many different populations: a high school, a community health center where he worked with many traumatized refugees of the Iraq War, a college counseling center, a private practice, and an aid organization for LGBTQ senior citizens and survivors of the aids epidemic. He does not specialize in treating specific disorders but rather helps people with all kinds of struggles make contact with their own wholeness and healing capacity. He is an experienced meditator in the Insight Meditation tradition and Soto Zen tradition.


He works with what is alive in the present moment. Providing space for emotion and impulses to be expressed through vocalization, movement or embodiment. He sees his role as a midwife to the client’s own growth process.

Often he works at the level of bodily sensation, below cognitive understanding and story telling, in an effort to explore what is true and real, whether that be blocks, complex trauma, and grief or strengths, needs, and spontaneous creativity. He places a high value on fostering a foundation of safety, non-violence, and curiosity in the therapy relationship.

What is it like working with me?

Therapy should give you an immediate felt-sense of movement at the edge of what you know about yourself. We will work with both the need for safety and the need to explore and expand beyond limitations based on your moment to moment inclinations. I believe in your ability to thrive. I am interested in what makes you amazing. I am open to what scares you. And I invite your fears and anxieties about being in therapy. I see every moment as an invitation to connect more deeply with what is here and move beyond the suffering of our past.

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